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postheadericon All about transportation capacity

To create a transport company, you can opt for the transport capacity (capacity of transport of people or capacity of transport of goods via trucking load boards). You will be able to obtain a transport license, thanks to which you can for example make medical transport (disabled transport), the school bus or the “shuttle” for hotels. We speak in the press of “driver”, because the capacity status depends on the law.

How to obtain this capacity? Once the capacity is obtained, what are the steps before taking the road? You will get answers of all your questions here.

Get professional transportation skills

The certificate of transport capacity is a mandatory document for any person wishing to become capable.

To know what are the steps to get your capacity, we must distinguish between “heavy transport” and “light transport” . You make “heavy transport” when your vehicle has more than 9 seats (passenger transport) or exceeds a tonnage of 3.5 tonnes (freight transport).

Heavy transport

If you intend to obtain a capacity in “heavy transport” or freight forwarder, you will have to pass an annual examination.Organized by the DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing) of your region.

Light transport

The approach is different to obtain a capacity in “light transport”, that it is a “certificate of professional capacity in road transport of people with vehicles not exceeding nine places, including the driver” (which makes it possible to become “driver LOTI “) or a” certificate of professional competence in light goods transport by road “.

2 options to get people carrying capacity:

Training of 140H + 4H exam in an approved training center. If you hold a professional “transport” baccalaureate, you are exempt from training.

2 years of experience as a leader of a public road haulage company (over the last 10 years).

3 options to obtain freight transport capacity:

Internship followed in an approved organization.

Training of 105H + 3H exam in an approved training center. If you hold a professional “transport” baccalaureate, you are exempt from training.

2 years of experience as a manager of a public road freight transport company (over the last 10 years)

Applications for a certificate of professional competence must be submitted to DREAL via 
 the Cerfa form n ° 11414.

Justify its financial capacity

Once your transport capacity is obtained, you will have to continue by justifying your financial capacity with DREAL. This condition is necessary to create a transport company.This financial capacity is an indication of your ability to hold sufficient financial resources to ensure optimal management of your business. This condition is essential for the registration in the Register of Carriers and therefore the creation of your company.

For this, you will have to deposit the capital of your transport company in a bank after opening an account on behalf of your company. For information, the bank will ask you for a copy of the provisional statutes and a copy of the proof of the headquarters of the company. The minimum amount to be deposited varies according to the type of Transport Company.