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The stationary method is carried out with the help of medications chosen by the doctor in each specific case. The consequences of inpatient detoxification are more complex than home detoxification, due to the use of a non-natural method of purification.

The organism is purified from Cannabin with the help of synthetic medicines, therefore reacts to their influence aggressively. The pain can be so strong that you may need an introduction to the medicament to whom to survive the pain shock.

All the nuances of how to cleanse the body of marijuana, talk with the doctor who will choose the best option for your treatment. At home Detoxification from herbs at home should be done using some tips: Drink water, the more, the better – water flushes marijuana, the body is cleaned, it is recommended to drink at least 4 liters daily for men, 3 liters – for women. At the lighthouse rehab you will be able to have the best support now.

Attend the sauna or sauna

Plentiful sweating displays, accumulated in fat cells, toxins and toxins, and the body accelerates the metabolism, which also contributes to purification. It should be remembered to observe high rates of drinking water to avoid dehydration. Use the bath procedures 2 hours daily. Restore the acid-base balance.

Drugs strongly oxidize the body, reducing the amount of alkali to make up for the loss, use foods with high alkaline content such as: cabbage, lime, spinach, cucumber, celery, avocado and lemon. The daily rate is 150-200g.

Eliminate acidic food

  • Acids form the basis of marijuana toxins, so additional make-up from other products will slow down the detoxification process. Avoid: animal fats, meat, meat products, milk, dairy products, confectionery, bakery products, soda and Trans fats. Do not resort to the help of various “miracle” means of rapid detoxification from marijuana and the products of its decay – this is a fraud. The period of complete body cleansing is approximately 1 month, depending on the amount of grass in the body.
  • Before a person begins to undergo rehabilitation program, in most cases he needs detoxification. Today, there are many clinics that can provide this procedure under the name “detox” or simply withdrawal of fragility. With the help of medicines, drug addicts help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, namely, to overcome withdrawal.

In addition, the deposition of narcotic substances continues to adversely affect the mind and body of a person, burning vitamins while they are in his body. Detox is not a cure, it is the return of the body to that pure state in which it was before taking drugs. Detoxification after spice, marijuana, alcohol and other drugs brings a lot of relief to a person.

The detoxification of the body from drugs and alcohol, carried out within the framework of the Narconon program, helps a person completely free from all toxic and narcotic deposits, making it free of their negative impact. This effect is achieved through the reception of a special complex of dietary supplements, minerals and sweating in the sauna at certain temperatures.

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