postheadericon The Utility of the High Voltage Connectors as Per Your Requirement

According to experts, 50% of electrical equipment failures are due to the insufficient quality of electrical connectors. Given the current trend of constant complication of equipment, the companies – manufacturers are continuously working on improving the reliability of electrical connectors. The review article examines the products of electronic and Service, which has long been engaged in the development of single- and multi-pin high-voltage connectors, as well as popular hybrid connectors currently available. The high voltage connectors are effective optionsĀ  here for being used.


Quite often there are cases, even among experienced developers, when a seemingly completely thoughtful implementation of some device fails due to a fairly simple component – an electrical connector.

However, this simplicity is apparent: A number of requirements are imposed on highly reliable connectors, depending on the field of their application. They are required to have high strength electrical insulation and fire safety, to function stably under the influence of atmospheric precipitation, vibration and mechanical shock, at elevated or lowered temperatures and pressures, as well as in corrosive environments. The defining requirements are the quality and long-term reliability of the electrical connection. These requirements only to a general extent characterize the operating conditions of electrical connectors and their performance characteristics.

Worldwide Trend

The main worldwide trend in the field of connector quality is the constant growth of the main characteristics – durability, service life, failure work. Let’s consider a little more in detail the basic directions of improvement of quality of connectors used in the industry:

  • Development and application of modern materials for the manufacture of connectors. The purpose of introducing specialized series of connectors based on new materials is to increase the service life of connectors and improve electrical parameters.
  • Use of new constructive solutions. Work to improve the design of connectors is aimed at improving the quality of the connection of contact pairs, as well as on the development of small-sized enclosures that are distinguished by an increased level of protection from environmental factors.
  • Improvement of connector manufacturing technologies. It implies the use of new scientific discoveries in the design of products, as well as ensuring the stability of technological processes through the introduction of modern automated production control lines.

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